Health Services

Kāpiti College offers students a wide range of health services which include counselling, nurse appointments, physiotherapy appointments and dental health checks. The counselling services operate from Te Whare Awhina and is staffed by Counsellors; Deb Wakelin, Ryszard Balejko and Mariana Collette. While counselling services are provided for the students, the counsellors are happy to talk to parents, within the confines of confidentiality.

The College has a strong relationship with Kāpiti Youth Support (KYS) and a KYS nurse clinic is available for students every Monday morning. They also provide a Wellington Alcohol and Drug counsellor who visits on request. Kāpiti College has a visiting physiotherapist who provides a clinic one morning a week. Finally, dental health is provided through check-ups and referrals at two stages during the year.

All services offered through Te Whare Awhina are free.

Booking links to the physio, the KYS Nurse and the counsellors are available on the student portal.