KC Clubs

Wargames Club

Wargames Club: this thriving group of 50+ students meets each week to play a range of games, including D&D, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, 40k, boardgames etc. Roleplaying happens on a Wed after school in A6, organising meetings on Thursday lunchtime in E4 and the main meeting Friday afterschool in the library (and surrounding rooms) when all games are played. Competitions for painting, Magic or computers games happen throughout the year.


QSA is the Queer Straight Alliance, we meet Wednesday intervals (room tbc). We discuss how to make the school and wider community a safer and more welcoming place for all students. We have been a major factor in gender neutral uniform and bathroom decisions, organise Pink Shirt Day and Day of Silence, and last year helped organise the first Pride Parade to be held in a NZ secondary school. It doesn't matter how you identify, we welcome everyone.

Duke of Edinburgh: Hillary Award

aking on the challenge of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award is the first step towards growing the best version of you! Your award is designed by you to help you discover and build on your strengths and interests. It develops your personality to give you the ability to deal with everything life can throw at you. Each award stage is broken up into four sections - service; skills; physical recreation and the ever popular adventurous journey.

For more information visit https://dofehillary.org.nz

Email elspeth.brazier@kc.school.nz


Junior Photography Club

Open to year 9-11 students who want to go and shoot something without killing it. The particular focus is to get good at composing pictures that aren’t selfies taken on a phone in the bathroom. We look at a range of techniques and settings and even have fun!

Mountain Bike Club

Regular rides and occasional competitions exploring the mountain bike parks and trails of the Wellington region and beyond.

The focus of the club is on having fun rather than achieving sporting excellence.

The Club has a bike trailer that can carry 10 bikes so occasional shuttle days even means avoiding the uphills!

Keep an eye on the notices for meetings and join up to the google classroom for all the latest KCMTB news.

Equine Enthusiasts

Equine enthusiasts club - This club is for students who are interested in learning natural horsemanship and training wild Kaimanawa horses. It is for student's who love horses, but don't have the opportunity to own one. We will meet regularly to watch videos, talk about horses and once a month we will do a field trip out to see Miss Beaufort's Kaimanawa horses and practice some horsemanship techniques.

Contact phn number 0273563622

Archery Club

Ever wanted to become a vigilante superhero but lack skills in weaponry? Worried about how you will defend yourself in a apocalypse? Been told you need to do a sport but not athletically inclined? Join us at our after school Archery Club. We have groups for both the social and competitive archer. No experience, equipment or athletic ability required. Come and join us to shoot some sticks in a fun supportive environment.