Transport to and from College

The links below take you to all of the most up to date information available for the public transport system.

Public Transport

Waikanae to KC and back

Paraparaumu to KC via the train station

Train timetables

Southern Bus

Southern Bus Letter 2021

Southern Bus Times 2021

NB. Term 2 Price Change Due to Covid-19 Disruption

Term two will see one bus servicing Paremata, Plimmerton, Pukerua Bay and the Paekākāriki circuit.

Updated pricing for Term 2 is outlined below.

Paremata $223

Plimmerton $223

Pukerua Bay $206

Paekakariki $184

Metlink has also sent us the following information:

One thing in particular and encouraged; is to have the students, particularly your senior students (maybe parents too) set up the Journey planner on their phones, if they have the Smart Phone models. This is so they have this as a first start guide-line to assist with their journeys to and from school.

This is the link:

Metlink school bus routes for start of Term 1 2020

Kapiti College


512 - Waikanae Beach - Waikanae - Kapiti College

7:50 WaimeaRd (68) 8:30 KapitiColl (sch grnds) Except Thu

8:30 Waikanae-NgaioRd at Main (1) 8:50 KapitiColl (sch grnds) Except Thu

9:10 WaimeaRd (68) 9:50 KapitiColl (sch grnds) Thu only

9:40 Waikanae-NgaioRd at Main (1) 9:55 KapitiColl (sch grnds) Thu only

530 - Paraparaumu East - Paraparaumu - Kapiti College

8:25 RuapehuSt at Riwai 8:39 KapitiColl (sch grnds) Except Thu

8:38 ParaparaumuStn-A 8:48 KapitiColl (sch grnds) Except Thu

9:30 ParaparaumuStn-A 9:40 KapitiColl (sch grnds) Thu only

9:45 RuapehuSt at Riwai 9:59 KapitiColl (sch grnds) Thu only


512 - Kapiti College - Waikanae - Waikanae Beach

15:20 KapitiColl (sch grnds) 16:05 WaikanaeBch-RauparahaSt Daily

15:35 KapitiColl (sch grnds) 15:50 Waikanae-NgaioRd at Main Daily

530 - Kapiti College - Paraparaumu - Paraparaumu East

15:20 KapitiColl (sch grnds) 15:30 ParaparaumuStn-B Daily

15:35 KapitiColl (sch grnds) 15:49 RuapehuSt at Riwai Daily

Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you need any further information or to discuss your school bus services.