Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is an essential element in successful achievement and is an important part of the Kāpiti College way.

Form teachers are the first port of call for pastoral needs.

The Dean for Year 9 is Nayana Salmon, with Kate Jensen as Junior School Senior Manager

The Dean for Year 10 is Dave Thompson

The Dean for Year 11 is Robbie Hutchinson

The Dean for Year 12 is Fiona Wilkin with Assistant Principal Jake Wills responsible for the year level.

The Dean for Year 13 is John Brunton with Assistant Principal Louise Berry responsible for Year 13.

Guidance Counselors provide a generally confidential service to students, though parents are also welcome to contact them for advice.

If parents feel that the needs of their children are not being met, they can contact Principal Tony Kane directly at, on 04 902 5121 ext 849 or on 021 216 0094.