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Introduction to Kāpiti College for International Students

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Introduction to Kāpiti College


Introduction to Kāpiti College


Introduction to Kāpiti College


Kāpiti  College is a co-educational school with 1500 NZ students and up to 80 international fee payers from many countries.. We are 45 minutes from Wellington and our town is a beach resort known for its temperate climate.

The college is metres from the beach and the perfect school for international students to attend.

It has:

Education Review Office (ERO) comments from their latest review:

International students say:

Stefano Pezzini,


"Attending Kāpiti College has been an incredible experience, I think the best I ever had. I have made deep friendships with other international students and with the Kiwi students. I spent a lot of time with my host family and we developed a strong bond and for sure we will meet again in the future. All the teachers were available and they were always trying to help, a big thank you must also be made to the international department, which has always been helpful since before my departure. I think that I’ll never forget these amazing six months spent at Kāpiti College."

Vicky Apel,


"Going to Kāpiti College has been one of the best experiences in my life so far. I have made deep friendships with other students and built a truly amazing bond with my host family. The international department supported me through my whole journey here and I am thankful that they were by my side during this amazing time. With all the memories I was able to make in this school, Kāpiti college and the people surrounding it, will always have a special place in my heart."

Solange Gailhard, France

“It was life changing to study in a different country, see a different method of learning and

meet new people. Also, people at Kāpiti College have been really encouraging and helpful to

my journey (encouraging me to do what I wanted, answering my questions about university

here). I just fell in love with New Zealand and decided that this is where I wanted to live.”

Solange is happy to discuss Kāpiti College with anyone that is interested. Her email address


Ana, Brasil. 

"New Zealand is now my second home and Kāpiti College is my second family and I will carry that forever, wherever I go."  

Xuan Pho Bui, Vietnam

"Two years ago, when I had decided to come to New Zealand for my study, I did not know how wonderful my life would be. I was so nervous, worried and tense when I took my first step through the Kāpiti College gate. But later on, I was surely warmly welcomed by teachers and students. The International Department made me feel comfortable the staff were always happy to listen and help me to go through any problem I had adjusting to my new school life.

I was so lucky to have a big host family here. They have become my second family. They looked after me as a member of their family, taught me new things and did everything to support my life in this new country. Kāpiti College has helped me grow up. It is a perfect place to study."

Alan, Hong Kong.

"What is special about Kāpiti College is the friendly, encouraging atmosphere for international students"