International Trips

Kāpiti College prides itself on giving students a wide range of unique experiences. A large part of that is giving students to the opportunity to be involved in a large range of international trips. Below are some of the trips that out students have been on.

China 2018

A group of 16 students and two teachers from the Year 10 International Class visited Shanghai, Changzhou, Xian and Beijing in November last year.

Highlights included our visit to our sister school in Changzhou where the students were in home-stays for five days, The Bund in Shanghai, The Terracotta Warriors in Xian and the Great Wall of China in Beijing. Also eating scorpions. That was fun.

The China trip was the trip offered to the Year 10 International Class this year. Every year a trip is made available for junior students in November.

The 2019 trips will to to Russia and Thailand. See Mr Tom Collin if you are interested.

Japan Tour

On September 25 2018, Mr Brunton, Ms Yeon, 2 parent helpers and 20 Year 12 and 13 students left Kapiti College for a 2 week study tour of Japan. We spent a week with host families in Tokyo, where we participated in classes and club activities at our sister school, saw the sights of Tokyo, and spent a day at Disneyland. The students were spoiled rotten by their hosts (even having us for an extra night due to the typhoon that hit) and it was difficult to say goodbye.

We jumped on the bullet train and headed to Hiroshima, where we ate some of the famous local cuisine (okonomiyaki pancakes), and visited the Atomic Peace Park. We also spent the day at the island shrine of Miyajima, patting the tame deer and visiting Japan’s most historic landmark, the floating Torii (gate).

After that, we traveled to Kyoto, where the students got to experience the historic temples and shrines of the old Imperial capital of Japan. Highlights were the Golden Pavilion, and the 1000 Buddha statue temple. Students also loved the day they had to explore the city on their own, with some trying delicious octopus on a stick and other local delicacies, while others enjoyed karaoke and arcades, and sushi train restaurants.

All the students came back to NZ with a greater understanding of the Japanese language, and an appreciation of the culture, history and Japanese way of life. They have also made friends for life with their host families and sister-school friends.

Amazon Rainforest and The Galapagos Islands, June 2018

In the winter Holidays of 2018 a group of students from Kāpiti College went to the Amazon Rainforest and the Galapagos Islands. Watch the videos below to get a taste of what they did.

Video 1 Video 2