Junior Course Week

At the end of the year we stop work, put away the books and do some practical, hands on learning in our Junior Course Week. The kaupapa is to give students the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and continue their learning journey outside the classroom. Some of the courses that have run in the past include surfing, hunting and gathering, the KC Hogwarts Experience and the creation/consumption of a huge hangi feed. The courses that are available in 2021 are outlined below. 2021 Junior Course Week runs for 4 days from Monday 6th December 2021 – Thursday 9th December 2021.

Please note, some of the courses offered do include a fee, however, a number are free so take this into consideration before you make your choice.

To make your selection for the 2021 courses fill in this survey. You need to make sure you are logged in with your school email address.
Selection is now closed. If you didn't make your choice, please email jake.wills@kc.school.nz with what course you would like to do, and he will confirm if there is still space.

Junior Course Week Courses 2021


The Archery course will be working to develop archery shooting skills. Beginners and experienced archers are welcome. We will spend the week doing a variety of activities including; learning to shoot, looking at the history of archery and how bows are made. There will be a trip to a local archery club to try our hand at competitive field archery. We may even have a game of Archery Tag!

Cost: $70

Ball is Life

Fantasy Basketball League. Students will assume the role of an NBA GM and do various activities via NBA 2K22. The winner will receive a monetary reward. We will be watching NBA games and playing games on XBox. Knowledge of NBA players would be beneficial. Please note, this is largely a classroom based course. However, we will find some time to play actual basketball.

Cost: Free

BBQ Kings

Designing and providing the ultimate BBQ experience. The course includes making sausages, meat patties, kebabs, skewers, marinades and meat preparation. The event will finish with a BBQ buffet… oh yes we might include a few vegetables as well.

Cost: $40

Behind the Scenes

An introduction to everything that goes into putting on a show: sound, lighting, flying, make-up, front-of-house, etc. The group will be doing the tech for a real live show on the last day.

Cost: Free

Bread Making

Wanna make your own pizza, focaccia, buns, loaves and other breads - then eat them and walk it off? This is the course for you. We’re going to make different treats every day and have a laugh along the way.

Cost: Free

Creative Writing: Poetry and Prose

Relax into your creative flow to write new stories and/or poems. Develop your skills of attention, observation, and reflection. Explore a variety of inspiring and challenging prompts in and outside the classroom. Learn how to redraft and polish your raw writing so it becomes the best it can be. Optional: contribute to a Wordpress blog with your final piece of work.

Cost: Free

Design and Build

Design and build a project in the technology workshops.

Primarily wood based, but plastics, metals etc can be incorporated.

Ideas: Custom skateboard decks, Lamps, side table, clocks, games like finger football and connect 4 etc.

Cost: Free

Diving, Kāpiti Island and Sea Food

Join us for a pool training session, a day trip to Kāpiti Island with snorkeling in the reserve, a trip to the Wairarapa Coast with diving for paua, spending a day at our local beach gathering pipi and tuatua, learning how to fillet fish, preparing and cooking kaimoana in different ways and then consuming the lot! Lunch provided on three days. Students will need to have mask, snorkel and flippers. Where possible also a wetsuit.

All activities are weather permitting

Cost: $130

Eat Your Way Around the World

Do you love food, cooking, music, and movies? Then this is the course for you. Join us as we cook and taste our way around the world (in 4 days). On our journey we will meet with people from different cultures, make new friends, and of course eat lots of delicious food!

Cost: $40

Film Making

Are you KC's next Peter Jackson? Take this one day crash course in filming followed by a one day course in editing. Then compete in a 48 hour film festival style comp, with a final screening day and award ceremony.

Cost: Free

Games V. Humans

Disappear down the rabbit-hole for four days of gaming with the paradoxical aims of losing and finding yourself simultaneously. Games will include Team Fortress 2 and Fortnite.

Please check with your parents first if they are happy for you to be playing these games.

There will also be an option later in the course to explore some other games including Open RA (Like Red Alert) and 0AD (like Age of Empires).

Important Note: Students must have a laptop or computer with Windows that they can bring to school to play the games that meets the system requirements for both Team Fortress 2 and Fortnite.

Cost: Free

Getting Crafty

During this course students will learn and practice a range of crafts including rock painting, folk art, crochet, knitting, embroidery, cosmetic making, jewelry making and sewing.

Cost: Free


Learn how to play golf at Paraparaumu Beach Golf Course. Learn the basic swing mechanics, golf etiquette and how to score. We will have a golf professional come in and coach you each morning covering all the major shots including long irons, chipping and putting. You will also get a chance to put what you have learned into practice as you head out and play 9 holes of golf each afternoon.

Cost: $80


Learn how to make and cook hangi food. You will get points for tickets you sell and the contribution that you make. The more points you earn the more money you make in the end. This course is for hard working, innovative people that have good attitudes.

Cost: Free - play your cards right and you’ll make money

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Delve into the magical world of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with us! Always wanted to receive your Hogwarts Acceptance letter? Well, it is on the way! Get sorted into your houses, design your wand, learn magical spells, and compete with your classmates for house points. Danger lurks around every corner...you may even catch a glimpse of the elusive He Who Must Not Be Named... A highly competitive course, your magical skills will be rewarded, so polish up your wands, dust off your Hogwarts book and prepare to board the Hogwarts Expressfor a course full of practical fun!

Cost: Free

Just Dance

Try a range of dance genres in a studio setting, ballroom dancing, hip hop, musical theatre, jazz and acro and more!!

No experience necessary, Groups will be split into two groups - beginner and Intermediate so you will be learning with your ability range. Heaps of fun!!!

We may do a day trip to the Circus Hub in town too!

Cost: $60

Local Rest Home Visits: Sharing cards, songs and Christmas Goodies

Bake goodies, paint, decorate and plant lovely pots of flowers, make personalised Christmas cards and get crafty with creative gift ideas. On this junior course, you will bring kindness and festive joy to the hearts of local rest home residents. Whip up that Christmas spirit with some carol singing and sit down and chat with someone new. Do you have a grandparent in a local rest home who you would like to surprise with a visit? Now is the chance!

Cost: Free

Nature Trails

Enjoying the nature and animal life around Kapiti and the wider Wellington region.

Visit Ngamanu reserve-The 14 hectare Ngā Manu Reserve

walk-through aviaries, reptile enclosures, and a nocturnal house for kiwi.

The swamp forest walk is typified by swamp maire, pukatea, kohekohe, and several breath-taking 400 year old kahikatea.

Visit Waikanae Estuary Bird tour- a talk by the very experienced organiser at school before the tour

A trip to the zoo

A Beach clean up around Raumati Beach

Looking after our most precious resources - Our beaches

A picnic to finish off the junior Course week

Cost: $60

Police Academy

Ever thought about becoming a cop? This course will encompass all aspects of police life from the requirements of getting into Police College, to the day to day life of a police officer. We will have visits from local police officers, dog handlers, as well as trips to the local police station and the Police College in Porirua. During the week you will also do the police fitness testing, and go to the pools.

Cost: $40


4 days learning the art of raranga (weaving).

Cost: Koha

Shi Bori Tyi Dyed T Shirts and Bandanas

A beginners course in ancient Japanese shibori or resist dyeing techniques. Using pole-arashi and clamp-itajime dyeing methods for a variety of coloured patterns. Dyes, bandanas and equipment provided. Byo old or new plain white T shirt. Sushi lunch.

Cost: Free

Show Time

An assortment of songs from favourite musicals in a teeny tiny production. Students need to be prepared to learn some lines before course week and be available to perform on the last evening. Ideally have some singing ability.

Cost: Free


Nothing but sports. Six sports in four days: basketball, football, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, badminton and kickboxing.

If you need an outlet for all of that energy this one is for you.

Cost: Free


Three days packed with surfing, with the flexibility to move from Lyall Bay to Titahi Bay, Paekakariki and Ōtaki depending on conditions. You will learn water safety skills, such as detecting rips and what to do in dangerous situations, as well as basic surfing techniques from paddling to getting up.

Cost: $115

The Vikings

4 day exploration of the Viking World, through film, documentaries, lectures, roleplaying and modelling/figure painting. We will also make replica viking axe and shield.

Cost: Free

Tramping is Life

Have you ever wanted to tramp beneath a mountain, experience sleeping in doc huts, (or outside!) walk across ancient wetlands, watch the most amazing sunset from 1200m above sea level, and hang out with others who love going off-grid? This four day experience in the Pouakai ranges will involve driving to Taranaki on Day One and then doing a 3 day walk from there. Must have good walking shoes, a good pack (We have a few packs you can borrow) and basic walking fitness. You don’t have to have tramping experience to do this course but you must be ready for at least 4-5 hours of walking each day.

Cost: $70


Time to completely relax and reset! Build your confidence and a feeling of well-being with the adorable horses from the Waikanae Equestrian Centre through a therapeutic horse riding session. Bake and decorate some cupcakes. Unleash your creativity with a mindful arts session. And stretch out your worries with a yoga class.

Cost: $75