Flying Programme

Considering a career in Aviation?

Kāpiti College offers it's International Students an aviation programme in conjunction with the Kāpiti Air Academy, based only 2 kilometres from the College.

Whether you want to be an airline pilot, agricultural pilot, flying instructor or just want to fly for the joy of being in the air, theKāpiti Air Academy is the place for you. New Zealand Qualifications Authority accredited, the Kāpiti Air Academy trains pilots from all over the world to the highest of standards.

The Kāpiti Air Academy offers two part time courses for International Students seeking to enter the exciting world of aviation:

Aeroplane Private Pilots Licence

50 hours flight experience in light aircraft

6 Theory Exams including ground school.

Approx cost for the Cessna is $12000 - $15000

* These figures represent the minimum experience requirements as specified by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority. Actual costs will vary depending on individual ability. Licence issue is subject to passing an independent flight test.

This licence is an International Civil Aviation Organisation licence recognised internationally.

Location The practical flying instruction is conducted from the base at the Kāpiti Aero Club facilities at Paraparaumu airfield. The theory phases are conducted at the Kāpiti Air Academy base, and at Kāpiti College Campus.

Quality of Instruction

The Kāpiti Air Academy is a fully accredited training facility and meets the requirements of the New Zealand Department of Education and the New Zealand Qualification Authority. The Kāpiti Air Academy's teaching unit standards are based on the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority exam syllabi and all the processes surrounding teaching and assessment have been enhanced to reflect the status of the courses offered.

For more, see the Kāpiti Aero Club website: