Learning From Home

Online Learning During the Covid-19 Shutdown

Lockdown information 17 August 2021

1. The Prime Minister announced tonight that we are in stage 4 lockdown for the next 3 days. We hope that will be all but need to be prepared for it to be longer. So we are back into lockdown learning.

2. Teachers will be sending out learning materials from tomorrow morning. These will not necessarily arrive in time for your normal classes, but we will do our best.

3. Seniors are in the middle of derived grade exams but we will put all that on hold for the moment. Learning materials for seniors will not be about the exams. Your teachers will send you materials for the next bit of your course.

4. As far as possible, we will use "must-should-could" for learning materials. The "must" bit is the minimum you should do. We want to keep you busy and learning, but not to stress you out. Do what you can do and remember that your folks are not your teachers. Your teachers will let me know when they are available for online help with Google Meet. If they schedule a class Meet, do try to be online at that time. These would be in your normal class time.

5. Learning materials will be in your subject "Classroom". Your teachers may also email you and from experience last year, those emails can be a bit overwhelming if you don't keep up with them.

6. We are not allowed back into school at all for the next three days and therefore can't get Chromebooks out to anyone who needs them. Sorry about that. However, the Ministry has indicated that they will look at changes if it goes on longer. If you are having a problem with computer access, let me know so that we can be prepared to get one to you if required.

7. Keep going with your learning and also make sure that you are helping out at home. For many of you, your folks will be trying to work from home at the same time as you. Make it less stressful for everyone by doing what you can to help. Get out for some exercise as part of your day - and wear a mask while doing it.

For more detail surrounding how online learning will work see the information below.

Expectations surrounding online learning

Online learning will bring us new, interesting challenges over the next month or so. We have compiled a document which outlines expectations of staff, students and parents for online learning. Please click on image to the right to see what those expectations are.

Expectations for Online Learning at Kāpiti College

Where do I find work that has been set?

The primary place for Kāpiti College students to access their school work is on Google Classroom. We are fortunate that the great majority of our teachers are already using Google Classroom on a daily basis.

If you want to know what it is that the student(s) in your care should be doing you can find out on their Google Classroom. Each student will have a different online classroom for each subject meaning that each student will be in 5-6 different classroom.

Teachers are able to give you access to the work that is posted on there. If you wish to be added as a guardian email the teacher in charge of that class directly or ask the students in your care to add you as a guardian.

Communicating with teachers

Our staff are still available to communicate with parents and provide feedback on work. The best way to contact staff is by email. All email addresses can be found on our contact page.

Pastoral Care

We still want to be able to provide pastoral care for all of our students. Although this can be more difficult remotely the key adults in the lives of our students still very much want to help out. Our senior management team, deans and form teachers will continue to support students online. Please make contact with any of them if a student in your care needs help and support. A list of key people in the pastoral team can be found here.


Our students counselors Rysz and Mahalia will still be available to support student needs. The counselors will continue to work with many of the students that they already see. If you has a concern about a student at our school a referral can be made by filling in this form.

Extra supported needed?

We realise that for some people in the school community this will not be an easy time. If you need any further support there is information available on the documents below.

a-ok Community Resources 2018:2019.docx
Getting Support.pdf