Te Raukura Ki Kāpiti

Above Te Rau Looking Down.mp4

Flyover video

Check out this video to get a taste of what Te Raukura ki Kāpiti looks like in action.

Thanks to Lachlan Williams (Year 11) for all of the drone footage and Peytone Morete for her amazing song 'City Lights'. Check out more of her music on Spotify.

We’re excited to announce that work is complete of our new performing arts center. Its name, gifted to us by Parihaka, is Te Raukura Ki Kāpiti.

The center was opened at 5am on the 15th of February in a moving blessing led by 50 leaders from Parihaka. For more information about the opening ceremony please see this press release from Scoop Regional and this article from the New Zealand Herald.

Te Raukura Ki Kāpiti offers modern facilities for the performing arts including:

  • The Coastlands Theatre
  • The Sir John Trimmer Black Box
  • A recording studio
  • Practice rooms
  • A dance studio with views to Kāpiti Island

For more information, visit TeRaukura.nz and the Te Raukura Ki Kāpiti Facebook page.

Tonga Karena, Mohi Apou and Ruakere Hond at the opening of Te Raukura ki Kāpiti.

Introducing our new manager! Sonia Hardie will be in charge of running Te Raukura ki Kāpiti.