Academic Quiz Night

1st Place: Tararua 2nd: Mana

3rd: Moana 4th: Nīkau

The Academic Council held their first quiz night of the year last Wednesday, to the enjoyment of all attendees. It was an interesting night filled with trivia on topics like history, geography, and even a category entirely dedicated to dinosaurs! The teams who took up the challenge were gifted with free pizza and drinks, and hopefully some new knowledge. Teams Kaiser-P and W.A.B.I performed excellently, taking second and third place with 63 and 62 points respectively, but the best of the lot was 10FA Reps, who took out the competition with a score of 65, and earnt themselves a well-deserved $50 Canteen voucher to share.

Shakespeare Day Jousting

1st Place: Nīkau 2nd: Mana

3rd: Moana 4th: Tararua

Shakespeare Day Pool Noodle Fencing happened on the 23rd! This was run by the arts captains. The arts students of the college engaged in spirited duels wielding pool noodles as foam swords. Their prize being house points! Moana absolutely cleaned up with a whooping 4 wins. Nikau and Tararua tied for second with each house both having three wins!! Mana was so close, but unfortunately came last with 2 wins! Big shout out to Geroge Donald and Dash for putting up a very intense fight that lasted over 5 minutes!!  

Athletics Day

1st Place: Moana 2nd: Nīkau

3rd: Mana 4th: Tararua

In February we kicked off our house competition with our annual athletics day. We saw a combination of amazing feats of athletic prowess, and amazing efforts in participation. Ultimately, Moana won the day and an early lead in the house comp.


House Haka Competition

1st Place: Tararua 2nd: Mana

3rd: Moana 4th: Nīkau

On the 14th of Septemver our  kura celebrated Te Wiki o te Reo Māori with our annual haka competition.

All of our houses gave it their all in front of the kaumatua, but in the end Tararua stole the show with a massive performance. 

The Chase (Staff vs. Students)

1st Place: Moana 2nd: Tararua

3rd: Mana 4th: Nīkau

During week 9, term 2, a number of our bravest students tried to prove their intelligence against the teachers/chasers. In the end Angus Mackay and Sam Paterson managed to beat our chasers and bring home home the points for their houses. 

Fundraising Competition

1st Place: Tararua 2nd: Moana

3rd: Nīkau 4th: Mana

All of our houses put in a massive effort during term two, each raising money for an important charity. 

In the end Tararua came out on top, raising the most funds for their charity, Huha

Year 9 Haka Competition

1st Place: Tararua 2nd: Mana

3rd: Moana 4th: Nīkau

All of our year 9s, with help from their form teachers and peer supports, learnt our school haka this term before competiting in the annual haka competition.

9BG took first place for Tararua, with their form teacher, Ms. Gendall also winning the best teacher award for Tararua, sharing this award with Mr. McGeown from Moana

Sponge Throwing 2023

1st Place: Nīkau 2nd: Tararua

3rd: Mana 4th: Moana

Last week a number of our brave teachers volunteered to let student throw wet sponges at them, and give us a chance to earn more points for our houses.

Nīkau can in first with 20 points.

Beach Tabloids 2023

1st Place: Moana 2nd: Tararua

3rd: Nīkau 4th: Mana

Despite some risky weather, this year's beach tabloids went ahead as scheduled. Amazing participation was seen from all year 9 form classes, peer supporters. and form teachers, with Moana bringing back to most points for their house.

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Quiz Night 2023

1st Place:  Moana 2nd: Tararua

3rd: Mana 4th: Nīkau

Some of KC's mightiest mental warriors came together to tout their academic prowess at this year's quiz night, with Moana taking home the title.

Shakespeare Day 2023

1st Place: Nīkau 2nd: Tararua & Mana

3rd: Moana

This years Shakespeare day was a huge success, with a massive number of students showing up in costume and getting involved.

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School Athletics Day 2023

1st Place: Nīkau 2nd: Moana

3rd: Mana 4th: Tararua

Athletics Day 2023.mp4

After a day of staunch competition our annual atheletics day ended with Nikau coming out in front, earning a massive 80 point for their house; Moana in second, with 60; Mana is third, with 40; and Tararua hanging in there with 20 points.

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Staff Fun Day 2023

1st Place:Moana 2nd:Mana 

3rd:Tararua     4th:Nīkau