Student Leadership

Head Student Team

Among other things the Head Student Team is responsible for:

  • running assemblies.
  • convening the various year level councils as well as the Student Executive Council.
  • Making decisions on everything from the expenditure of workday funds to mufti day donations to the events for Youth Week.

Academic Captains

The Academic Captains are in charge of the Academic Council whose roles and responsibilities include providing study material, communicating with staff and organising peer mentoring.

Arts Captains

The Arts Captains are in charge of the Arts Council whose role includes organising arts events including Shakespeare Day, Talent Quest, Open Mike events; basically spreading awareness of anything to do with the arts!

Cultural Captains

The Cultural Captains are in charge of running the Cultural Council. Their role is to get the student body involved in events that they run throughout the year. Some of these include; the Year 9 Haka Competition, Maori Language Week and Cultural Week.

Service Captains

The Service Captains are in charge of the Service Council. Their role is to communicate with, and fund raise for charities in the community. They are also involved with running mufti days, Service Week and events such as Shave for a Cure.

Sports Captains

The Sports Captains are in charge of the Sports Council. Their role includes encouraging participation in sports around the school, running events such as the staff verses student competitions and tug of war. This year they will also be organising a water slide!